A Family Legend
The generations bearing the Lazzaroni name have succeeded each other expressing entrepreneurs who have given very personal imprints to the business development: Giuseppe, Carlo, Pietro, Paolo, Luigi, Mario are the names behind which the legend Lazzaroni was born.

The new production technologies, the quality and originality of the products have always been the subject of great interest and research for Paolo Lazzaroni and his descendants, bringing the business reality to current levels of prestige and recognition in Italy and abroad.

Quality as a tradition

The research and selection of the most genuine raw materials, the “sacred” respect for ancient formulas and the strict controls during all processing phases commit Paolo Lazzaroni e Figli, with all its collaborators, in a continuous demonstration of professionalism and efficiency at the step with the newest technologies.

Portfolio consists of Amaretto, Limoncino, Sambuca, Maraschino & Triplo (triple sec)


This vermouth sprung from the mind of Giancarlo Mancino. After making his mark as an internationally celebrated bartender, Giancarlo returned to his native Italy to brew a vermouth that excels in both appearance and flavour depth. To do this, he set to work with recipes from old masters and an innovative take on ingredient selection. The end result is a vermouth based on trebbiano wine and a selection from 40 botanical herbs that adds a touch of originality to the classic recipe while remaining true to the tried-and-tested brewing method. The range includes a dry, white, red and blend (Chinato) vermouth, as well as the super-exclusive 1-year aged Vecchio (only 800 bottles a year).

–  Mancino Secco
– Mancino Bianco Ambrato
– Mancino Rosso Amaranto
– Mancino Chinato
– Mancino Vecchio (1YO)


With this “Rum Punch”, Karumba launches a unique dark rum from La Martinique aged in Cognac VSOP barrels. The subtle aromas released as well as the addition of secret spices and citrus marmalade provide an “extra ordinary” sensory tingle. Rum Punch was first launched in the 17th century after East India Company sailors sailed the world’s oceans at the behest of the Queen of England. Through the trade route between India and the Caribbean, these adventurers came into contact with unique spices as well as rum. On their return, they launched the Rum Punch, which rapidly gained popularity among the elite. This lost recipe therefore has a real revival with the launch of the Karumba “Rum Punch”!


X-GIN is an innovative gin based on cocoa from Colombia, hazelnuts from Piedmont, almonds from Avola, wild pepper and vanilla from Madagascar.

The name X-GIN refers to the origins of the cocoa beans with which the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans brewed a drink of the gods which they believed was intended for Gods and Kings and that it ensured longevity, extra intelligence and was an aphrodisiac on top of this.


Pink47 gin is an internationally award-winning London Dry Gin in a unique diamond-shaped bottle inspired by the legendary Khavaraya pink diamond.
This classy gin – with its unique and complex flavour – has already won several international awards since its launch in 2007.

In addition to the successful Pink47 Gin, OSA Fine Spirits also makes the fruity Pink Royal Dry Gin and the Blue42 Smooth Luxury Vodka, both also available exclusively through Miraflor.


Tann’s Gin is a Catalan premium gin with spirit that has been distilled up to three times; making for a particularly refined and also exceptionally powerful flavour. Lightly sweet and perfumed gin with a broad palette of flavours: notes of juniper and cucumber, combined with fruity facets of mandarin, lemon and floral notes of rose petals and orange blossom as well as a hint of liquorice. Multiple spirits competition winner.


With a father in the perfume business and a mother with a gin bar, it is not surprising that young Henrik Hammer – also a renowned distiller – developed a good nose for gin. In the smell of a geranium, he recognised the aromas of the ideal gin&tonic. Father and son started experimenting with a small copper kettle and sought help from London’s Thames Distillery. End result: the superbe Geranium Gin.

– Geranium Gin
– Geranium Gin 55


This gin is distilled in the tranquil mountains of the Priorat and enjoyed in bustling Barcelona. Between tradition and modernity lies the soul of this gin that transforms Barcelona into the capital of a new lifestyle. BCN gin, based on seven botanicals, bridges mountain and sea, nature and city, tradition and modernism.


The Tiki Lovers rum range has something for everyone and is the perfect partner for your (tropical) cocktails. The higher ABV is on purpose, allowing every amateur and/or professional bartender to create premium rum (tiki) cocktails in most truly sense ànd of the highest quality. The trendy label features a vintage duotone print with a typical tiki mask, to finish things off.

– Tiki Lovers White Rum 50%
– Tiki Lovers Dark Rum 57%
– Tiki Lovers Pineapple Rum 45%


Unlike its rather macabre bottle, this rum is a gem. The rum rests for 6 years in oak barrels to add extra flavour and character. Using the Solera method, the rum passes annually through a barrel of different origins: cognac, whisky, sherry, port, bordeaux and rioja. The contact with the wood gives the rum a beautiful golden colour and makes it an exceptional flavour bomb. Now discover Deadhead Dark Chocolate, a premium rum infused with dark chocolate and roasted cocoa. On the nose, it has pleasant aromas of butterscotch, dark chocolate and coffee.

– Deadhead 6 Years Old Rum
– Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum


The name Ron Espero orte ‘rum of hope’ is a reference to Vasco Núnez de Balboa; a Spanish explorer and conqueror who sailed to the New World around 1500 and established the first colony in present-day Panama.

The Ron Espero series is a product range consisting of rums of different vintages sourced from the Dominican Republic. Maturation & blending is done according to the time-honoured Solera system.

– Espero Balboa 4YO
– Espero Reserva Exclusiva 12YO
– Espero Extra Anejo XO
– Espero Creole Coconut & Rum
– Espero Creole Coffee & Rum


Vanua Rum is a superior rum from Fiji, a blend (blend) of 3 to 5 year old rums produced from hand-cut sugar cane, which leads to a richer cane juice. Fiji has very rich volcanic soils. Its climate, optimal combination of heat and humidity, is ideal for maturation, giving Vanua rum a very complex flavor and taste.


Sadashi – meaning ambitious in Japanese – perfectly represents this high-end reference, a blend of whisky (50% malt, 50% grain) from the Niigata region with a typical local finish in Mizunara oak casks.

The nose has a woody aroma with hints of vanilla and flowers. On the palate, the fresh wooden cask dominates with hints of nectar, pure malt, a little citrus, oak tones mizunara and coffee beans. This whisky goes back to the sweet, malty taste.


Our/Vodka is different, made locally in some of the world’s most inspiring cities, each with a unique story and flavour. Made by local entrepreneurs in local micro-distilleries using local base ingredients to create a top-quality vodka completely inspired by the city in question. Our/ Berlin is produced and bottled in Kreuzberg, Berlin based on German wheat with a simultaneously mild and fresh taste that is further softened by a gentle floral note. Unmistakable in its specially designed 350ml bottle in contemporary design with reclosable crown cap. Serving suggestion: Berlin Mule (with ginger beer, sugar syrup and mint)

ADAM&EVE are ‘Innocent Spirits’, alcohol-free gins. Innocent and Belgian, but certainly not without spice. With their pure ingredients, local craftsmanship and low calorie content, ADAM&EVE are alternative gins that will tempt everyone. The subtle reference to the snake in the stylish design of the bottles provides an extra entertaining edge, making the bottles a gadget or show item in any (home) bar. Turn your alcohol-free moments into a stimulating party!

– ADAM 0,0% 0,5L
– EVE 0,0% 0,5L


Originating from the same team as BCN GIN, this unqiue Spanish style vermout or Vermut is mindblowing tasteful.

– VERMUT BCN Amber : produced from white Grenache grapes from Terra Alta old vines and Mediterranean botanicals enhanced with an eau-de-vie macerated with bergamot, elderflower and wild herbs.
– BCN MUT Negre : intense and high complexity, barrel aged for 9 months in French oak. Limited edition of 500 bottles each year.


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