Miraflor Spirits is thé Gin-expertisecenter of Belgium. This reputation is thanks to our long experience as Belgian market leader in the distribution and import of Gin and Tonic, our collaboration with top players from the horecasector,… Companies, private persons, socio-clubs, etc. can consult us for a wide array of G&T-related products and activities, such as:


Gin&Tonic Botanical Box: the ideal gift for the avid gin-tonic lover Gin&Tonic, the long drink of the 1980s is back… and how! With more brands than ever, more flavour flavours than imaginable, trendy bottle designs and preferably combined with the accompanying natural tonic and garnish. For the enthusiastic and/or starting enthusiast, there is this unique botanical box. In it you will find a set of 8 dried herbs, giving you the opportunity to finish your Gin&Tonic with a personal touch, and a leaflet with details on the herbs as well as recommended combinations and serving methods. The complete Gin&Tonic guide to the perfect mix (2nd edition – 30,000 copies already sold) Frédéric Du Bois (gin expert) and Isabel Boons (culinary journalist) offer the answer to all your questions as a gin lover. Using a very practical classification of gins and tonics, you will never again make the wrong choice. More than 400 gins and 60 tonics are described in detail. A unique gin encyclopaedia provides you with a comprehensive and updated overview of all gins available on the market and they visited the best gin bars. Finally, this book contains some original dishes and recipes combined with gin tonic. An instant classic! For sale in the better bookshop, liquor store, supermarket or specialist shop.


Looking for an extra attraction for your event? Our Gin-Tonic Bar offers the perfect solution. For two hours, your invitees can fully enjoy our Perfect Serve(d) Gin-Tonics, professionaly prepared by our 2 experienced and skilled bartenders. Moreover, our bartender know every little detail about gin, from origin to production, the meaning of brand names, history and anecdotes, serving hints,… Organisations, companies as well as private individuals can choose from two available formulas ; the Taste150-formula serves 150 G&T’s according to the 5 prevailing flavours of this magnificent spirits. The Belgian150-formula is the perfect one for fans of domestic spirits. This formula focuses on 5 remarkable (and delicious) Belgian gin-brands.

* Price : 900 euro (excl. VAT)

* Standard included : construction and use professional bar, 2h service, transport (up to 50km there and back), rent glasses, dish-washing, administrative costs and Gin&Tonic cards

* Extra options available

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During this gin tasting, we immerse participants in the world of Gin&Tonic. We shed some light on the origins of gin, expand on the different ingredients and sample 10 diverging gins, all chosen from the extensive product selection of Miraflor Spirits. Further, we reveal the truth about tonic and combinations aided by countless stories and anecdotes. Finally, we conclude our narrative with a superb Gin-Tonic.

A vast number of companies, socio-clubs and private persons already appeal to us for tastings. After all, we are thé gin-specialists of Belgiumand authors of the bestseller “Complete Gin&Tonic Guide”. Furthermore, when you pick our showroom as location for the gin tasting you can look upon more than 300 gins and tonics. No one better to introduce and accompany you in the universe of Gin&Tonic


A. Participate in our monthly OPEN TASTING

* Price : 32 euro/person (2 hours)

* Location : Miraflor Showroom in Melsele

* Subscribe via 03 337 76 60 or


* Mail to for more information about our conditions


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