The ‘flavored’ or ‘infused’ rums are on the rise and already have a large fan base. Flavored rums are rums enriched with an extra taste, often resulting from fruit or spices that have been distilled during the production process. You can drink them neat or in delicious cocktails.

The added flavors are often very complementary to the rum aromas expressed: think of pineapple or coconut, but also of (bitter) flavors such as chocolate, coffee or tobacco.

Our favorites:
TIKI LOVERS PINEAPPLE: rum blend from Jamaica, Guyanta and Trinidad, where after adding pineapple, the rum is left to rest for a few weeks.

ESPERO RUM&COCONUT: Dominican rum with the elegant & soft taste of ripe coconuts.

MORA MORA: Belgian rum according to a secret family recipe based on vanilla from Madagascar and coffee beans.

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Trend amongst millennials is no longer how heavy the hangover was over the weekend, but how long they are already without alcohol. Not necessarily because one is the driver that night or has a good reason not to drink, but choosing to go alcohol-free through life is becoming a conscious choice and lifestyle. Social media play an important role. They stir up the discussion about the harmful effects of alcohol on health and society. Initiatives such as “Tournée Minérale” have a great amount of supporters. Alcohol is for many people more and more ‘ the new smoking ‘. We see a clear rise of non-alcoholic distilled spirits in the market. Finally a real good alternative for those often far too sweet mocktails or the boring soft drinks.

2 prominent brands on the market are:

Fluère is a ‘ spirito non alcolico ‘, made on the same distillation techniques as used by perfume houses. Full of botanicals that provide a complex but balanced taste sensation. A true luxury for anyone who wants to live more consciously and at the same time not wants to lose on quality.

Seedlip was successfully launched in the UK. Meanwhile, the non-alcoholic spirit is also known to us. No calories, no sugar, no sweeteners or artificial flavours. Available in 2 variants: Seedlip Garden 108 and Seedlip Spice 94. Perfect with tonic or in non-alcoholic cocktails.

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The secrets behind this somewhat mysterious spirit completely unraveled. Vodka has become much more than just the national drink from Eastern countries such as Poland and Russia. Over Asia and the UK to the USA: this spirit has already conquered the world and is also the best-selling spirit in the world. The term fire water indicates his most important quality: a very neutral spirit, without a smell and with a pure taste, and also the best friend of every bartender and the basic ingredient of eg. the cosmopolitan, moscow mule or bloody mary.

This book is the very last Scion of the well-known and successful Complete Guide series (Publisher Lannoo) and this time tells us all about the world of vodka. The genesis, the production method, an overview of the vodka brands and the most delicious cocktails over to how you drink this spirit in the ideal way …

This book is the perfect year-end gift for anyone who likes Vodka.

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